Lightening and Brightening your skin

Mary Ellen came to me wanting to look her best for her 25th wedding anniversary and vow renewal ceremony.  I start all my facials with a complementary skin consultation before proceeding with treatment.  Her main concerns were her adult breakout, and she also had confused combination skin, which was a result of the product she was using.  Mary Ellen was using the wrong skincare products for her skin, which caused redness, dehydration, and irritation.  The uneven pigmentation made her skin look rougher than it really was.  Mary Ellen also had darkness around the eyes.

The goal for Mary Ellen was to create a smoother, more even toned complexion.  We accomplished this with a series of microphototherapy treatments, combined with a facial, and three chemical peels.  (I have written about the myths and facts associated with chemical peels here.)  Microphototherapy treatments are effective for anti-aging and fine lines, while the peels helped to address Mary Ellen’s large pore size, breakouts, and uneven pigmentation.  To combat Mary Ellen’s adult acne, green light therapy was used, in addition to high-frequency treatment, which shrinks hard cysts.  High-frequency can be included in every facial at wendycityfaces at no additional cost.

To complement the treatments, Mary Ellen added Illuma products from Image to lighten and brighten her skin, and vitamin C products which work to reduce redness and promotes younger looking skin.  Her overall pigmentation and adult acne really improved by her anniversary party.

The initial treatment lasted 12 weeks, and Mary Ellen was thrilled with the progress she made toward lighter, brighter skin.  Improving pigmentation is a long process, and can be achieved with the frequent use of sunscreen, high quality products and regular treatments.  Mary Ellen continues to receive monthly treatments but is thrilled with her brighter and smoother skin.

Mary Ellen Before Treatment
Mary Ellen day of event without makeup (left) and with makeup (right)

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Chemical Peels: Debunking the Myth

When the words “chemical peel” are mentioned, many people immediately imagine the horrors displayed in movies, but the myth of painful raw, red skin needs to be debunked.

The truth is that chemical grade peels are varying strength of fruit acids applied with expert care.  Slight tingling is managed during the treatment, and followed up with calming agents.  The result is a smoother, brighter, lighter complexion with no bleeding.

There are several purposes to peels, which is dependent on your specific needs and skin goals.  A single layer peel can be applied during a facial to help loosen dead cells and clean out clogged pores.  To address deep wrinkles, large pores, pigmentation, sun damage, or acne, a monthly series of three to six peels is usually recommended.  The stronger peels are applied in customized layers.   This process results in one day of tight feeling, slightly flushed skin, followed by the skin shredding dead cells for the next several days.  There is no excessive downtime involved.

Prior to jumping into peels, it is important to have an established treatment and skincare routine for optimum skin health.  Peels are typically part of a part of a 2 to 6 month plan of action, based on individual client needs.

During your consultation, Wendy will help determine the best course of treatment for you to achieve the healthiest skin possible.  Give Wendy a call at 630-404-4779 to get started today!

Problem Skin Transformed

The quest for good skin, or repairing problem skin, comes from a combination of good services and product.

Angie is a great example.  Angie is getting married in August and was very upset about the state of her skin.  She suffered from extremely oily but dehydrated, raw, breakout ridden skin.  She tried to combat this by washing her face numerous times a day, which did little for her already stripped complexion.  Her self-confidence wasn’t helped when she was told by a local plastic surgeon, that in order to improve her look she would need to spend $26,000 on procedures.  I was thrilled to meet with Angie and assure her we could improve her overall skin and look, by her wedding date, for a more reasonable cost!

I devised a customized series of treatments, which consisted of facials, chemical peels, and light therapy, with the goal of improving her texture, calming her breakouts and balancing her oil production.

Twice a week for the first four weeks, Angie was treated to an acne repair treatment including an ultrasound pore cleaning and green light therapy to calm the redness.  In addition to the treatments, we overhauled Angie’s basic home regime with quality products and a manageable treatment schedule.  She also visited Dr. Honore Woodside for some Botox and facial fillers which helped to even out her forehead and bring out her cheekbones, all for a fraction of the cost of unnecessary plastic surgery.

Angie is thrilled to be receiving complements on her new and improved look, and has made it a priority to maintain her balanced, calm skin with a monthly visit to wendycityfaces.  She is overjoyed with the results and cannot wait to meet her groom at the altar in August.

Below are Angie’s before and after photos:

Left: Closeup of very congested, oily skin
Right: Clear, balanced skin with reduced pore size PicStitch2
Left: Prior to treatment with Dr. Honore Woodside
Right: After Botox and fillers to address cheekbones and foreheadPicStitch3

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Moisture and Mask Month!

Happy New Year! It is moisture and mask month at Wendycityfaces!

This year, I encourage you to establish a consistent nighttime routine for radiant skin with improved moisture. Your ideal routine should include a cleanser, toner, upgraded moisturizer, a specialty serum, and an eye care product.

With the dry wind and indoor heat pumping, it is important to stay moisturized this time of year. No matter your skin type, everyone needs a little more in the winter. Start with a cleanser that will not strip moisture from your skin, such as an essential cleansing oil or milky cleanser. These cleansers will remove makeup and soften your skin. It is ideal for dry skin and mature skin, but is beneficial with all skin types. If the idea of using an oil to cleanse makes you nervous, try a hydrating gel cleanser.

Boosting Moisture

Following your cleanser, you should choose a serum to boost moisture. Dry skin will benefit from a creamy serum with peptides and antioxidants. Improve your skin’s ability to retain moisture with a hyaluronic acid, which can be found in many high-quality moisturizing serums. Following your serum, you should use a creamy moisturizer. All skin types will benefit by using a thicker moisturizer in the winter months. A quality moisturizer will not include ingredients like mineral oil, bees wax and paraffin. These ingredients will not molecularly penetrate the skin. They sit on top of the skin and create a barrier between the environment and your skin, but they will not replenish moisture. Creating a barrier during extremely cold weather is important, but should work hand in hand with replenishing the moisture deep into your skin. Ingredients such as algae, seaweed, and hyaluronic acid are indicators that the product will penetrate the skin molecularly.


Winter is also a good time of year to use a mask, once or twice a week, to improve the moisture level of your skin. My favorite for normal or sensitive skin would be a soothing gel mask. This mask is made with Vitamin A and Wild Yam, and penetrates into the skin. Left on for 15 – 20 minutes, you will find that most of the moisture will soak in. Rinse off any excess mask and follow with a moisturizer.

Dry and mature skins need a creamy mask such as a restorative mask.  Restorative mask is recommended for extremely dry or mature skin.  Its thick creamy texture is loaded with Shea Butter and rich antioxidants which will improve your skin’s strength, resilience and elasticity.

Moisturized skin looks radiant, plumped up, and is smoother to the touch. Moisturizing your skin appropriately alleviates fine lines and wrinkles, leading to younger looking skin.  On the contrary, dry skin feels uncomfortable and tends to have a leathery, dull appearance.  Skin that is under-moisturized will be tight, which increases the likelihood of acne causing agents to stay within your pores and create more acne.

Pay Attention to your Eyes and Lips!

Don’t forget your lips! Using a Vitamin E stick or Lip Balm will help keep your lips smooth and moisturized. Avoid products with mineral oil and menthol, which will typically make a chapped lip worse.

The skin around your eyes is the one area that has no oil glands, which means that eyes need maximum hydration. Adding your hyaluronic serum or a light weight eye cream with Vitamin K for young skin is helpful. More mature skin needs a richer product. Look for products that will retain the moisture.

Extended Exposure

Another winter tip is to include a barrier balm type product when facing the cold outdoors for extended periods of time.  Layering products like Barrier Balm or Aquaphor Ointment over your SPF sunscreen will seal in moisture during extended exposure to cold and wind. The oil in these products is very fine and won’t clog the skin.

A Final Word

Developing an effective skincare routine takes time and effort.  The amount of steps and products outlined in this blog may seem daunting.  Try to implement one small change each week, and before you know it you will have radiant skin full of moisture!  wendycityfaces is a licensed gloTherapeutics retailer.  If you would like assistance with choosing the best products for your face or implementing a routine that works well for you, feel free to contact  wendycityfaces to schedule a facial and skin consultation.